Lilla Rose

I have discovered a way to keep my thick long hair our of the way without resorting to a plain and boring hair tie or the hair-claws of the nineties. They are called flexi-clips, and they are a dream!

These clips come in many different sizes for different hair lengths and textures, keep all of my hair up without giving me a headache, and add some cuteness to your hair without much fuss. (This was a huge seller for me as my hair styling skills are mediocre at best.)

Lilla Rose has many hair accessories, such as gorgeous bobby pins, and headbands, but the best seller is the "flexi clip." To figure out sizing, think about your hair in a pony tail. if it is the size of a nickel, than an extra small is for you. A quarter equals a small, half dollar equals a medium and anything bigger equals a large to extra large. If you want to use the clip for a half up hair style, order one size smaller. If you want to create a french twist or similar style, order one size bigger. 

Ordering is easy, and if you order the wrong size, Lilla Rose will let you exchange it for free until you find the right size. 

Here is a link to my site. If you have any questions, you can also message me on that site. Hope you fall in love with the product like I have! 

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