Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Life Update

I have been slacking in the blogging department. And while I'm not sure I have a ton of people hanging on the edge of their seats, I miss it. I live compartmentalizing my thoughts. I like putting together posts and sharing pieces of my life. And I like using my blog to connect with friends and family from back in MI, new friends in PA, and online friends from all over.

So this will be a picture heavy post. It will be an overview of a few adventures over the past month or two. Hopefully it will get my motivation back on point because I truly miss blogging. But I blame school. Junior year is not a joke! (Although I won't complain too much about school: I'm very blessed to be able to go to college and earn a degree in my dream job).

1. I got my second tattoo. 
It's a lotus flower. I've been wanting it for awhile. Lotus flowers are gorgeous flowers that grow in the murkiest, grossest, swampiest waters. They have horrible conditions, but use that to thrive and grow into a beautiful flower. And I hope I have used anything negative in my past towards my growth into a beautiful person (on the inside yo, I'm not that self absorbed). And I hope that I always strive to do that.

Here is the stencil on my ankle.

Part of the way done

Getting closer!

After some pain, money, and a swollen ankle, my tattoo is complete :) Courtesy of my boss tattoo artist, Eileen.

2. Maisy got her BarkBox!
I know it might be sad that we pay for a subscription box for our dog, but it really is a decent deal! I don't splurge on toys or treats for her anymore because we get a surprise of toys and treats every month! Plus I'm pretty sure the man is ok with a little puppy spoiling if it keep baby fever out of me for a little longer...;)

As you can see, Maisy is a fan. I couldn't keep her out of the picture...

And if you want a BarkBox for your pooch, follow this link to save $5 off of your order! You get to pick the age and size of your dog so they get appropriate sized toys and treats.

3. We are still doing Meatless Mondays
One of my more adventurous meals was portobello mushroom burgers.

They were pretty good. I used a little too much balsamic vinegar, but they weren't too bad of a burger substitute.

4. We went to NYC!
It was amazing! The subways, the people, the food, and the shopping was intoxicating!

Here are a few snippets from our busy day:

Bagels and cream cheese for breakfast...because that's what real New Yorkers do, right? (P.S. Now this is all the man eats for breakfast.)

We saw Grand Central Station. It was magnificent and pretty busy for an EARLY Saturday morning.

The view from the Empire State Building was gorgeous! It is crazy how big and busy NYC is!

I am so blessed to only live a few hours from this amazing city! We cannot wait to go back!

5. I made this amazing pasta sausage dish!
I love to cook. And I cook a lot of decent recipes. But this one is a real winner! Please, go try this one out. You won't regret this fairly easy and delicious meal! It is going to be a regular of ours for sure!

Here is a link to the recipe. I used not-smoked sausage (fresh?), colby jack cheese, and no scallions. And it was a one pot meal! Yay for fewer dishes!

6. We did an apartment overhaul. 
I have been avoiding really decorating out apartment. I think it's because it still hasn't hit either of us that we are actually staying here for more than a few months (which is what Brad is used to). Or even for more than a two-thirds of a year (which is what I'm used to). Brad has officially been here a year, so I figured it's time to make this place cute.

Later I will post some pictures to show how to make an apartment, where you aren't allowed to pain or use anything more than small nails in the walls, look cozy. But I had to share one of my favorite finds:

My teal/turquoise lamp! A nice target find! Thank you tax return! ;)
Lamp - Target
Hope everyone is healthy, happy, end all praying for this winter to be over!

Love and Blessings,

Annmarie Faye