Wednesday, April 12, 2017

My PCOS Infertility Resume

Anytime infertility comes up in conversation, it can often turn to questions of "what have you done, what have you tried, and what has worked?" As someone who spent hours upon hours googling "how to get pregnant with PCOS," I scoured blogs, medical journals, and websites devoted to fertility in hopes to discover my cure. And while of course it isn't that straight forward, I do think that more examples out there, the better. So here is my resume of exact treatments and medications that we went through from the first cycle until our miracle cycle.

Started out by getting treated at my OBGN.

Round #1 - January 2016
50mg Clomid and timed (scheduled) intercourse
Result: Took a blood test which confirmed that I did not ovulate. No pregnancy.

Round #2 - March 2016
100mg Clomid and timed intercourse
Result: Took a blood test which confirmed that I did not ovulate. I did go to the ER during this cycle due to intense ovary pressure. The ultrasound confirmed I had a few follicles maturing. So my body did respond to the Clomid somewhat, but not enough to ovulate. No pregnancy.

We then transferred to a Reproductive Endocrinologist (AKA a Fertility Clinic). Before beginning treatment

Round #3 - July 2016
Femara (forgot dosage, but it's an oral medication similar to Clomid) and Ovidrel (a trigger shot to induce ovulation). Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) and timed intercourse. Also needed estradiol to thicken my uterine lining. Took progesterone after the IUI until my pregnancy test.
Result: A follicle did develop to maturity, but no pregnancy.

Round #4 - August 2016
Femara (a doubled dose from last time), Follistim injections to assist in follicle maturation, and Ovidrel. Needed estradiol again, and also took progesterone per protocol. IUI and timed intercourse.
Result: At first, a bunch of follicles started to grow with no sign of one or two leading the pack, concerning my Dr that we would have to cancel the cycle. Had to start the Femara and Follistim regimen all over, which resulted in one mature follicle before we did Ovidrel. No pregnancy.

Round #5 - September-October 2016
Femara, Follistim injections, one Menopur injection (a fluke because I needed one more Follistim shot but both the clinic and I were out, and the only comparable injection they had was Menopur), and Ovidrel. IUI and timed intercourse. Followed progesterone protocol.
Result: Two mature follicles and a singleton pregnancy! This cycle was slow and steady, so it was a long cycle of slowly increasing my daily dose of Follistim. I was at the clinic for ultrasounds and blood draws every day to every other day for 3 weeks straight! But well worth it for our little miracle.

Please feel free to ask any questions! I am not a medical professional by any means but have done a decent amount of research on fertility and PCOS. Also please share your own success stories down below. My hope is that my experience can be one of many for women to reference when delving into the infertility world.

Love and Blessings,