Thursday, January 8, 2015

Natural Living and Jesus: My 2015 Resolutions

This is a post I have yearned and dreaded to write at the same time. 

I LOVE the idea of New Years resolutions. Or resolutions of any kind. Making a decision to actively work towards a personal goal is such a proactive way to become the best YOU that you want to be. So in theory, resolutions inspire me greatly. 

At the same time, I've made many New Years resolutions that were forgotten by the beginning of February. Usually they were broad, such as "Be Healthiest Me I've EVER Been." Or they were unrealistic, such as "Read the entire bible 37 times this year." These have set me up for disappointment and failure. 

So this year, I have two resolutions:

1) Read the bible every day. 
For me, this might mean that some nights I read a chapter or two, and some nights I might only read a verse or two. But to get into the bible every day helps me mentally and spiritually. 

2) Living a more natural lifestyle. 
I had a hard time wording this resolution without sounding too "hippie-go-free-free," Sorry guys.
This resolution came about after looking back at my previous year and seeing improvements monetarily and health-wise due to some more natural choices I've made. I'm hoping that if I continue dabbling in this I can continue to see improvements in my life that are cheaper and less invasive than traditional products.

DISCLAIMER: I do not have anything against "non-natural" things as a whole. I still rock my drugstore makeup, enjoy eating fast food occasionally, and still sometimes take Motrin to quell a headache. But if I can reach for more natural products as a first resort, why not?

So hears to 2015 being my year of spiritual, mental, and physical growth! Anyone else have any resolutions for the new year?