Monday, March 17, 2014

My Crafty Weekend

This weekend was the first weekend of my spring break. And as I browsed Pinterest and looked around the apartment, I knew it needed a few more pieces of decor. So I dragged the man to Michael's and the grocery store. We came out with silver spray paint, sticks, scrap book paper, teal and black acrylic paint, peacock feathers, modge podge, fake flowers and a crap ton of peanuts. I swear I have a vision!

So first, I started out by painting a piece of decor I already had, but wanted to make it stand out more in our new bookcase.
It was brown, but now it's a pretty blue!
Next, I put a bunch of peanuts in a box and spray painted them silver. Voila! Easy and cheap vase filler!
The show box was perfect for spray painting in.
See, it looks pretty!
I also spray painted a cheap glass vase I had silver. I might add a few more coats later, but I am loving it so far!
Much better than a plain glass vase.
I then took a picture frame from Goodwill and put the scrapbook paper in it. What a cute decorative tray! I think I'll add a votive candle or two to make it a little cuter.
Only $2.97 at Goodwill for this gorgeous vase!
Scrapbook paper from Michael' was under $2.00.
Now it's a unique tray!
Here's how it looks on the table. I might add a few votive candles later. 
Then I shoved the sticks and peacock feathers in this huge vase we got for our wedding but didn't know what to shove in it. And I LOVE peacock feathers!
I'm going to add some peanut vase fillers once they dry. And ignore the ripped up fluff
on the ground...Maisy did it ,
Lastly, I traced letters into a cardboard box and used the method mentioned here to make distressed-looking metal "metal" letters in our kitchen. This was the the most tedious of the projects I had, but it was cheap AND will add some much needed character in our kitchen.
I only had enough patience to finish the "E", but eventually I'll have "Eat & Drink" hanging in the kitchen.
So there you have it. While it's hard to decorate a small apartment that you can't paint in on a budget, it is doable. With pinterest, a few items, and some creativity, you can turn your apartment (or any space) into a little home.

Love and Blessings,

Annmarie Faye


  1. You're such a cutie, keep bloggin' (: Miss you!!

    1. You're just as cute! Now that my semester is winding down, I can't wait to blog more! I enjoy reading your blog too! Miss you bunches!