Friday, April 19, 2013

OOTD and Bridal Shower

Sorry about the delay in posting, the last couple weeks of the semester have been intense! Papers, exams, preparing to move back to my hometown, and wedding planning have been quite the time suck...

Not to complain too much, I love my life. It's just a wee bit overwhelming at the moment. Good think God doesn't give you more than you can handle, because I feel like I am about at my limit!

Alright, enough talk about boring things, onto my outfit of the day (long overdue)

Dress with belt: Rue21 
Boots: borrowed from my roommate...I think she said Maurice's?

I love this dress because it is flowy, light weight, and cute, yet doesn't make me look like a hoochie. It was so easy to dance in, and I did not have to worry about my dress riding up or my boobs pouring out. As my roommate Katie said, "It's such a line dancing dress."

So this is my line dancing outfit. I went out line dancing with some girlfriends on a Saturday night. Since I am engaged, I was a little weary going out at night to go dancing without the man. It did not want to have to worry about creepy guys and the likes. But line dancing was not like that! It was so much fun! The steps weren't too hard to learn, it was almost all girls out dancing, and it was a blast! The place was just a little honkey-tonk place that was almost a barn, but it was so cute and so much fun. I definitely want to go again. 

I also had Bridal Shower #1 that weekend! Boy, my aunts went above and beyond the call of duty! I had a chocolate fountain, a s'more bar, a waffle bar, and lots of other breakfast food! They had a photo booth  gorgeous decorations, and even some homemade decor with my soon-to-be new last name for me! I am so blessed to have such an amazing family to throw me the shower of my dreams! Only downside: it may outdo my wedding...;) 

Here are some pictures of the day:
My outfit for the shower
Pearl necklace: gift from the man
Pearl Bracelet: Payless
Dress: Rue21
Shoes: Khol's 

The head table with some gorgeous decor! My aunt is giving me those pictures too! Yay for turning the man's place into our home soon :)

My gorgeous bridesmaids 

Jan (my mom) and I using the photo booth. Don't you love my ghetto party veil?

Ladies at the photo booth...with the mustaches :)

Hope you enjoyed my obnoxious photos and sporadic blog post!

Love and Blessings,

Annmarie Faye

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