Thursday, August 1, 2013

My First Impressions of Pennsylvania

It has been about a month since I've gotten married and trucked over to Pennsylvania to start my life with the man. Here is a list of my first impressions of living in Ephrata, PA:

1) The rolling hills and mountains are gorgeous.
I ask myself all the time if the views will ever get old! I sure hope not! I love driving to Walmart and seeing gorgeous mountains on my way, and have learned that I hope to always live by some sort of elevated land from now on.
Those mountains...ah!
2) There are Amish folk all over!
Since we live in Lancaster County (the county most populated by Amish in the country!), they are all over. It has taught me there there are a lot of differences between different groups of Amish and Mennonite people. Sometimes you see them on a scooter in the side of the rode in super traditional garb, and other times they will have a t-shirt, jean skirt, and a lacy bonnet on as they get into their car. It all depends. 

I'm someone who usually loves the heat and was so excited to move somewhere even just a little south of Michigan. The heat here is wonderful, but it is so humid. Some days it hits you like a brick. I'll just rock my sweaty face and invest in some face blotting wipes. 

4) Friendly people
At first I was nervous about the people here. I'm not going to lie, the stereotype of the "snotty Easterner" worried me. And moving to a place where I did not know a soul was scary. But so far, people have been so nice! One woman at Walmart came up out of no where when I have struggling to find a spice, and helped me look for a good 10 minutes. Our neighbors at our apartment brought us homemade cookies. Some of the man's coworkers have invited us for dinner and to hang out. It has been such a blessing to meet some wonderful souls.

5) Big Town Small Town
Ephrata is a perfect town for us. It has kind of a small town feel, but we aren't away from civilization. We have plenty of stores, but we still have a tight-knit community.

6) Food Stands and Farmers Markets Galore! 
Because of the plethora of Amish farmers living here, there are tons of farmers markets and food stands on the side of the road. Buying and cooking with fresh produce is so delicious, affordable, and fun. And of course the fresh-baked Amish goods don't hurt either...
Farmer's Market Goodies!
So far I am very excited to be living here. God brought us here for a reason, and I am truly enjoying experiencing this new place.

Love and Blessings,

Annmarie Faye

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