Friday, November 22, 2013

Chop the Mop

I've had long and thick hair for a very long time. I loved how it flowed and waved. I loved how feminine it made me feel. It was part of my identity.

But after the wedding and settling down in PA, I've gotten so lazy with my hair. With being so busy with school, plus the 40+ minute commute to and from school, I don't feel like taking the time to fuss with my hair. So up in a messy bun it goes.
Trying to make my messy bun cute with a bandanna...still not as cute as a hair cut!
Long hair is gorgeous, but it takes a lot of time, shampoo, and money to look attractive.

So I suddenly got the urge to chop it off. I had it long for my wedding, and now I do not have a reason to keep it long besides my attachment to it.

I called the best friend, Erin, who has donated her hair in the past. She encouraged me to do it, and I knew I needed to get it cut ASAP or else I would wuss out.

I did my research to see where I would donate my hair. Locks of Love, the default donation organization, will not take processed or dyed hair. Plus during the research I did, I found that they often sell the donated hair they get to make money for their organization instead of putting it directly into wigs.

Children and Hair Loss is a organization that takes processed hair. I did my research and felt confident in donating to them.

So off I went to the salon with this hot mess of hair:
Yeah, it was getting bad. 
I walked in when they opened and asked if they had an appointment available. Luckily they had a rare last minute opening. The stylist told me Saturday morning openings are rare and that it was "meant to be."

We talked about how much hair I wanted off. She put a pink cape on me (only those donating get to wear the pink cape. I felt special haha), braided my hair, and before I got a chance to chicken out, she snipped! It was very freeing.
My hair was so thick, she had to make two braids!
No going back now.

She washed, snipped, and styled my much shorter hair. And this was the end result.
It's so short!
I LOVE IT! My face looks so much less round, I look older, and it is SO much easier to care for!

I donated 11 inches of braided hair.
I felt like I lost 10 pounds from my head.
I helped give a child with hair loss a chance to feel confident.
I also gave myself more confidence with this hair cut.

Overall, I am so glad I did this. It took a lot of guts for me, but it was an amazing feeling and I am so happy I had the guts to chop the mop.

Love and Blessings,

Annmarie Faye

P.S. I can't write a post without a picture of my pooch!
My obsession, Maisy

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