Thursday, January 9, 2014

How Going Home for Christmas Made Me Feel

I am a Pennsylvania transplant originally from Michigan. After the man and I got hitched, we did not go back to the mitten at all until Christmas break. That is a whole six months. Which is such a long time for us, who are extremely close to our families.

Going back over break was a blast. As immature and selfish as this may sound, it was fun to be missed and have everyone so excited to see us. It was so nice to be around people who we know so well and trust completely. And it was special to see how people have changed, stayed the same, or did a little of both.
     My dear friend, Jenn, changed over break! Sat with her while
she got the first part of her Garden of Eden tattoo done!
And of course I got to meet my gorgeous niece/goddaughter for the first time!
Isn't she beautiful?
So did the man...
Oh how I love those goofs!
As you know, I love making lists.

What I Miss About Michigan
1. I miss having so many people so close that I trust completely. 
For example, when I had my wisdom teeth out a few months ago, there was no one here who I felt comfortable enough seeing me all drugged up to drive me home and take care of me. So the man had to take off work. If we were in MI, there are a plethora of people I could have asked!
2. I miss family.
My family is some of my best friends. Whether they are family by blood, marriage, or Christ, these are people that I love and care about so deeply. These people inspire me and I crave their relationships when I'm away. While we talk on the phone and text often, it's not the same as helping my mom pick out a new lipgloss or having a game night at the inlaws.
3. I know where everything is!
Here is a secret about me: I'm not a great driver OR navigator. And while I am feeling much more comfortable in PA now, I still don't know it the way I know MI. People mentions towns in PA and I'm like "Huh?" People mention back roads to take to places and I have no idea what they are talking about. I crave the familiarity that I experience in MI.
4. I miss friends. 
While this overlaps with family, I thought I'd mention all the other people I love and miss dearly from MI.
5. Meijer
Yes, I miss Meijer. There are plenty of grocery stores here that suffice, but nothing will ever compare to late night adventures to Meijer.

What I Love About Pennsylvania
1. I love the independence that the man and I have. 
Don't get me wrong, I already said how much I love my friends and family. But there is something nice knowing that we are doing this on our own. Sure I call people from back home for advice, but we are out here, a few states away, and really doing this marriage thing. We are taking care of each other, supporting ourselves financially, and learning how to be married. And while we could easily do that in MI, it is special to know that we our out here, by ourselves, and making it one our own (with God leading the way of course!)
2. I love the weather!
While I'd much rather it be in the eighties year round, the PA weather is much more mild than MI. And I am a huge fan of that.
3. Amish
Yes, I love living near the Amish. They have yummy baked goods and produce at reasonable prices AND are very kind. They are the reason we have such wide shoulders on our roads (also used as passing lanes). Plus I still feel like a giddy little kid every time I spot a buggy!
4. Location, Location, Location
We are only a few hours from NYC, D.C., and less than that to Philly, Hershey, and Gettysburg. So many day trips!
5. The scenery 
We live by so many gorgeous rolling hills and mountains. I love it! There are a myriad of breathtaking views that I pray I never get used to!
Selfie...before my gorgeous cousin's wedding!
I miss Michigan dearly and still wonder if God has a plan for us to return someday. But I am falling in love with PA more and more everyday. And I trust that he has us here for a reason and is guiding us each and every day.

Love and Blessings,

Annmarie Faye

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