Thursday, September 26, 2013

An Ode to How My Car Died

The Before and After Shot

There once was a car named Betty. 
She was a red little Chevy.
I drove her to school everyday. 
And finally, the brakes gave way. 
The bright red "brake" light was on for weeks. 
I ignored it for awhile, as I am cheap. 
When I finally slid through an intersection
I knew it was time to take some action. 
So I drove her to the local shop. 
Gave them my keys, and said "Good luck."
The next day I got a call
saying I shouldn't be driving her at all. 
Yes, the break pads were bad.
But that wasn't the worst problem she had. 
Her brake lines were rusted out. 
Her shocks were unattached, wiggling about. 
The rust was so bad, they would barely lift her. 
The more he talked, the more I felt sicker. 
When the list of ailments was finally done, 
he said "I think this might be the one."
He meant it was time to pull out a sheet
and cover the old girl, put her out of her misery. 

So I went to drive her to trade her in. 
But I couldn't just leave on a whim. 
The mechanic made me sign a waiver
before I could even take her. 
He actually said "You really shouldn't drive it.
If I could impound her, I would've done it."
So I carefully drove the ol' girl to Chevy. 
And handed over the keys from Betty.
I said my good byes, and yes, it was sad. 
But now a reliable vehicle is to be had. 
That's right folks, I'm upgrading twenty years. 
No more lacking brakes, no more fears.
I was driving her every day
praying I make it to where I lay. 

Now I have a big girl car.
It can take me near and far. 
No more shaking, leaking and rust. 
Finally, a vehicle I can trust. 
You served me well, oh Betty of '93. 
But you've been replaced, by an Equinox of Chevy. 
Welcome to the family, oh silver SUV. 
I'll call you Duchess, cute and classy. 

Front view of Duchess 

We're a little geeked if you can't tell...

Love and Blessings,

Annmarie Faye

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