Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Jesus Tingles

I was not going to write a blog tonight. I mean, it's 12:38 in the morning for goodness sake's, and I'm working on getting on my future hubby's old man sleeping schedule.

Although to be honest, most of my best blog posts come at odd hours. But I digress. 

So I am going to delve into one of my biggest personal faith issues. See, I was listening to Faithful Love (click here to listen to it, and here to see the lyrics

), and I started to get those "Jesus Tingles." It's hard to explain, but those tingles that make your heart feel so warm. 

The tingles that really make you feel God's presence. 
The tingles that almost bring tears to your eyes when you truly feel God's love coursing through you.
The tingles that make you want to go out and save the world from all of the bad (am I the only one who gets this? Maybe it's the social worker in me...)
The tingles that make you feel as if God has his arms wrapped around you.

How is this an issue? 

The issue for me is that lately I feel that these tingles do not come very often. And my faith needs these tingles.

I need these tingles. I need to feel God's love. It helps me to be more Christ-like. 

So because I know how important those tingles are to me, here is my game plan for doing my part in getting those tingles. Because I know that those tingles are not something that come to me randomly; I need to put in effort in my relationship with God in order to get those. And I have not been doing that enough lately. 

Here is my game plan for Jesus Tingles:

Sadly, mine has been more of a spare tire lately. 
1) Prayer more often. 
Prayer should be an all day event for me, not just before meals and occasionally before I fall asleep. If I can text the man all day, I can shoot up spirtiual texts to God. 
How: I set alarms on my phone for three random times throughout the day. These will set off a harp sound (clever, huh?) to remind me to say an extra prayer. 

2) Read the bible more
The bible is the only direct, concrete item we have from God; I should be reading it whenever I get the chance! I need to really delve into God's work more often than on church Sundays and bible study on Wednesdays. 
How: I finally located my bible in my mess of moving stuff! So I have it next to my bed to read it before bed every night.
Bonus How: I have a bible app on my phone ( a FREE app I should say) that allows you to have reading plans that have a devotional with each daily reading. I started a plan, that will alert me on my phone every day to do my daily reading. 

3) Listen to more Jesus music
Now I already listen to a lot of Christian music. Christian radio is wonderful! But I do notice that accapella music really makes my soul sing. It tends to give me tingles like no other! That would lead me to think that listening to more accapella Christian music would give me more tingles. 
How: I created a playlist on youtube of Christian accapella music. That way, when I am being a lazy bum on the computer, I can still get my Jesus on and hopefully have a few more Jesus tingles (just like I had tonight).

We will see how this goes. I tend to be all passionate about my faith habits for a short while, and then I get lazy. So please pray for me so that I can keep this up. And maybe you yourself will get some more Jesus tingles. 

I'll end this with a gorgeous photo of a double rainbow I saw last week. God is good!

Love and blessings,

Annmarie Faye

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