Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Top Ten Thoughts Running Through My Head

Hello! So I am trying to blog a little more regularly, and I thought having a few regular post formats would help me stay motivated. So every Thursday I will l do a Top Ten list of something.

So here are are my top ten thoughts running through my head as of recent.

1) Country music and summer go together like me and chocolate. Seriously, it seems like every summer my iPod plays more country music than ever.

This leads me to my next thought...

2) Miranda Lambert is my girl crush. She is gorgeous, has such a cute voice, amazing songs, and her music videos are entertaining.

3) Why is the man allergic to cats? I want to keep the kitten I found in my parents yard SO BADLY, but alas, his hypersensitive immune system will not allow it.

4) But really, how can anyone be allergic to something this cute?

The guy in the pajama pants is my younger brother by the way, don't mind him. 

5) I am seriously wondering how I will make new friends in Pennsylvania. Do I sign up for "online dating" to make friends? Bake pies and give them to my neighbors, hoping they invite me in for tea? Or just pray that I run into someone who find me at least slightly entertaining and nice?

6) I'm getting married in 24 days! Oh my goodness, that is soon! 

7) On that note, only 24 more days of centerpieces, RSVPs, and alterations taking over my brain! I cannot wait to have conversations and thoughts that do not revolve around the wedding. 

8) Jordan is going to be such an improvement for my last name. 

9) I have been watching the food network a ton lately, especially The Pioneer Woman. I have also been craving cooking. Is that my domestic side kicking in? I'm sure the man won't mind.

10) Lastly, I went for frozen yogurt with my younger brother today, and decided that cheesecake flavored frozen yogurt is one of God's best creations.

Me, my ice cream, and my insomnia-induced under eye circles

There's a peek inside my thought stream late at night. Hope you enjoyed!

Love and blessings,

Annmarie Faye

P.S. I know it's not officially Thursday yet, but less than an hour until this is an official Top Ten Thursday post.
For all of my Rage Comic readers 

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