Sunday, May 5, 2013

Pennsylvania Recap

This past week I had the amazing blessing of visiting my fiance at our future apartment in Pennsylvania. This was after almost two months of separation. The whole week prior I was giddy with excitement, which kept mounting as the days got closer.

As I walked up that plane, I was on a mission to get to my man. I was weaving in and out of crowds, so well that a man even told me he was following me because he could tell I was such a "seasoned traveler" who "really knew her way around the airport." If only he knew I was a newbie who just wanted to see my man!

When I finally reached him, I threw my bags on the ground (almost breaking my laptop...whoops!) and jumped into his arms. Tears were streaming down my face; it did not seem real that I was whole again after being without him for so long.

Us out to dinner after my flight

Our first full day together, we went to a mall about 40 minutes away. Yes, there are closer malls, but there are no Buffalo Wild Wings restaurants near us! Their boneless wings are one of the man's main food groups, so any chance to get some and he is a happy camper. We also picked out his wedding band (which was a butt load cheaper AND quicker to buy than mine!) AND saw this on our drive near Hershey, PA: 

Hershey Kiss truck on the highway

Yes, this chocohaulic lives only 40 minutes from Hershey Park and might get diabetes living so close...

After our day at the mall, we tried a church on Sunday. It was not a great fit for us, a little too charismatic, yet not very friendly. We're keeping on praying for God to lead us to the right church home. Then we relaxed and watched The Bible series for a while (I will do a review of it once I've watch all of the episodes, but so far, it is excellent!)

Our relaxing Sunday

Overall, the week consisted of Brad going to work while I explored the neighborhood, addressed wedding invites, and wrote bridal shower thank you notes. Yes, to some that might sound boring, but knowing that my sweetie was coming home every night made it all worth it. Every day was just another nudge from God towards this marriage and this move. Views like this also tend to nudge me as well; it's like a personal welcome to PA decoration from the Big Guy!

Gorgeous flowering tree right in out neighborhood

One of the last things we did was go to Scooter's, a restaurant near us. It was delicious! It had a mix if EVERYTHING, so I could indulge my carb, cheese and seafood cravings while the man got a manly meat meal. The seafood Alfredo I had was full of shrimp, scallops, and crab meat. It was easily some of the best Alfredo of my life! The man said his steak was so tender and much bigger than he expected. 

Brad's "Man Meal" of steak and potatoes

Creamy seafood this what heaven is like?

The week together was incredible! While we did not have a ton of time (or budgeting is lame sometimes) to do much sight seeing, I had a blast! Just "playing house" with my future husband was everything to me. Staying in our future home, walking around our future neighborhood, and just being together every day, reminds me why this is all worth it. Why I am fighting the distance so that we can have this life together soon. It was also just the refresher I needed before embarking back to Michigan, my bachelorette party and intense wedding planning.

Right before out trek back to the mitten!

Love and Blessings,

Annmarie Faye

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