Sunday, July 14, 2013

Apologetics Fail

This Sunday the man and I ventured to a Mennonite Church. As far as the church goes, it was very nice. Everyone was very friendly, the songs were wonderful, and there were only a few women wearing small lace "doily-like" things on their head. Not that this is a bad thing, but for a non-head covering wearer, it was lovely to attend a church where I was not the only one with a naked head. We even went out to lunch with a group of couples that were around our age.
We knew there was a visiting preacher, so we will try not to let his sermon affect out view of the church. But as the man said "If he was the regular preacher, we would never go to the church again."
This man was visiting to talk about creationism. I myself am a creationist (I believe that life was created by God, as out of the book of Genesis), yet not as educated about it as I should be. So I was excited to hear more about it.
Darwin and Hitler...the perfect reason to be a creationist, right? (Insert sarcasm)
Well, the man did everything that gives creationists and religious folk a bad name. He talked about how much he hates when evolutionists call creationists "stupid," then called evolutionists "stupid" a few minutes later! (Nothing like another hypocrite giving Christians a bad name). He showed a picture of Hitler in his slideshow (he was an evolutionist, so obviously evolution is evil...huh?), incorrectly defined the second law of thermodynamics (I have to admit, the man was the one who noticed this, not me) and played much more on falsified emotion than fact. Which is the exact opposite of what I was looking for.
As I was fuming listening to him, it did inspire me. Apologetics, or the defense and establishment of the Christian faith, is such an important aspect of being a Christian. So many people have questions about Christianity, especially relating to modern issues. And I truly believe that God can stand up to any questions. That being said, I know that I cannot adequately help answer a lot of these for people.
Hearing this preacher showed me exactly how I do not want to defend my faith. It also showed me that I have a lot of studying to do. To find out what the bible says on certain topics. To truly understand what I believe on certain topics.
So yes, this man had an apologetics fail. But it did inspire me to work on my apolgetics skills. Not only to converse with others more effectively, but to learn more about my God. And to be able to share exactly why I believe what I believe.
Thank you preacher, for showing me how not to show your point.

Love and Blessings,

Annmarie Faye


  1. I so appreciated this post. I have been so turned off to "apologetics" because of how argumentative it truly gets. A person often needs to apologize after stating their opinion :) I have felt that I would always refrain from arguing a point. I would so much rather have a conversation drenched in the love & grace & mercy of God that would point a person in the right direction as opposed to an argument or debate.
    May God show you & your husband the church for you to attend.
    I am visiting from The Modest Mom.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by! Yeah, it seems like such a thin line between discussing and arguing, so I'm hoping by learning more knowledge about God, I can state facts as opposed to get argumentative. It's a work in progress.
      I love the "drenched in the love and grace and mercy of God" idea. :)