Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Dear Camp Beechwood Hills

Dear Camp Beechwood Hills,

Thank you for being one of the stable things in my childhood and adolescence. As puberty ravaged my body and hormones, friends came and went, and school transfers occurred, you always remained an unwavering safe haven for me.

You look so pretty Camp!
Thank you for building my self esteem. As a girl who grew up as a quiet, well behaved, and studious child, you were the first place I truly felt that I could let that facade down. I could act silly, be extremely outgoing, and sometimes be a completely obnoxious freak, and it was ok. In fact, it could even be beautifully amazing. I even let this side of me trickle into the rest of my life. So thank you for helping me be a better me.

I'm the sassy one on the far left with the frizzy brown hair...
I'm blaming this one on lack of sleep
During a shaving cream fight. I rocked that mohawk. 
Thank you for introducing me to some of the greatest people. I met people from all walks of life; yet we all gelled together with a bond that became essential to my well being throughout middle and high school. We would drive miles to partake in goofy adventures. These nights kept me going and made all the struggles seem insignificant. And I would not have met these wonderful souls without you Camp.

My girls and Jeffrey the giraffe
The gang during a midnight slip-n'slide run
Yeah, we like our shaving cream fights at Camp Beechwood Hills
Some of the best nights of my life took place with these people on that old beat up couch
Also, you are who introduced me to the love of my life, so I owe you a super big thanks for that too!

This was us circa 2008...the man sure rocks his sideburns!

Lastly, Camp, thank you for helping me in my walk with God. My faith journey has been an interesting one, but you are who showed me a different way to have a relationship with God. You showed me the beauty of accapella music as us camp kids would sit in the basement, singing praises through a rain storm. You taught me how to pray to God like he is my best friend. You helped me make God my best friend.

The bible and amazing notes I received from camp kids. Still brings tears to my eyes. 
And most importantly, you helped me realize that no matter what mistakes I've made, that God loves me. God loves me through it all. Unconditionally. And that, Camp, is what saved me from myself. That is what saved me from the guilt that plagued me. That is what gave me the strength to overcome my past. The strength to switch schools. The strength to defeat any stumbling blocks that come my way. The strength that can only come from a relationship with God.

Basically, this is a big thank you to you, Camp Beechwood Hills. Please keep doing what you do, because there are many teens with hurt and angst that need healing and love. I used to be one of them, and I hope you can recreate what you did for me for many years to come.

Love and blessings,

Annmarie Faye

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