Sunday, June 30, 2013

Gettin' Hitched Part 1

These past two weeks have been a whirlwind! I cannot believe that a little over two weeks ago, I was frantically putting together centerpieces and freaking out about last minute RSVPs to the wedding. And here I am now, enjoying a Sunday afternoon of relaxing with my husband. (Holy crap, I have a husband. Still hasn't sunk in.)

I will start this rehash of wedding events with the day before the wedding. Brad had come in from Pennsylvania the night before, and we were meeting our officiant for breakfast at Denny's. This was followed by suit fittings and a plethora of decorating. (Thanks again for everyone who helped make my vision come true! I have some amazing family and friends who worked their booty off for us).

After rehearsing at the church a few times, we went out to eat at Pietro's. Wow was it delicious! We had salads, bread sticks, pasta, pizza and ice cream. Thanks in-laws!

Then, the man and I parted for our last time as single folk.
The man and I's last single good-bye
The night then led to the girls and guys separating for bridal party sleepovers. The guys slept at one of the best men's house, and the girls slept at my parent's house. And boy, did my maid of honor do a wonderful job! She bought all of us face masks to get prettified with, cupcakes and candles for everyone to make a wish for me with, and only a billion and one things in an emergency back pack. She is a gem and I am so blessed to have her.
My A Team with our face masks
After some girl talk, we went to bed on an array of couches, cots and blow up mattresses.

Waking up at a bright and early 6:45am, us girls washed our faces and got ready for the salon. My wonderful A-Team of bridesmaids took me for a morning surprise.
Mmmm, caramel mocha
Apparently, Starbucks gives brides a free drink the morning of the wedding. And this frizzy-haired bride sure was happy.

We arrived at the salon, sleepy eyed and excited. My bridesmaids, myself, and the mothers all got their hair done and looked gorgeous. And this girl got some fake eyelashes and her makeup done. Holla!

Legit, I told the makeup girl to make me "look like a classy crack whore. Like for presidents and basketball players. I really like a lot of makeup, but somewhat classy too." And she nailed it!

After lots of brushing, curling, prodding and poking, I came out looking like a princess.

The we went off to the church, where I was tied, buttoned, and shoved into my huge Cinderella dress. And holy crap was that an ordeal! But my A Team was wonderful. (Following photos are courtesy of my brother)
Go big or go home, right? That was my motto for my look as you can tell.
After letting a few close family come see me, as well as cooling myself with some cute little fans that my rock star Aunt/Mistress of ceremonies brought, it was almost wedding time...

My cousin and Aunt getting a look at me pre-ceremony

Part 2 will be up tomorrow!

Love and Blessings,

Annmarie Faye


  1. Love the pictures:) it was a beautiful wedding.

  2. You did look like Cinderella in your wedding dress. You looked perfect in it. You always are beautiful but you were stunning. Can't wait for more pics and info. Love you

    Tia King