Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Big Move

I did it! I moved the vast majority of my junk down to my soon-to-be home in Pennsylvania. It was quite the adventure. 

Firstly, the ten-plus hour drive was not too rough for me. I actually enjoy driving (I assume I was a trucker in a past life) and loved the scenery. My mother, on the other hand, got a wee bit car sick from driving in the rain...

Jan passed out at oasis on the PA Turnpike
Once we finally made it, I ran into the man's arms. It was so wonderful to see him after so much time apart. 

The next day, Jan and Clay took a trip to look at college for him and stop at NYC (a mere two and a half hour drive from our place EEK!) This gave Brad and I some much needed alone time. We spent a little time unpacking, but then he said we should go on a date. This was such a sweet idea as we hadn't been on one in forever. 

Our date began at Shady Maple, which is a 100 foot long buffet about 10 minutes from us. Oh man was it good! We stuffed our faces with steak, salmon, crab cakes, pierogies, and of course a Philly cheese steak sub. 

Mmmm cheesy meaty Philly cheese steak goodness
I also finally got to try the traditional Pennsylvania Dutch dessert of Shoo Fly Pie. Mmm it was good! For those of you who don't know what it is (I sure didn't!) it is a fluffy molasses pie. It it a pie crust with a botton layer of gooey rich molasses filling, topped by a sweet and crumbly brown sugar mix dusted with powder sugar. It was so rich and delicious!

My yummy piece of shoo fly pie
Shady Maple also has a fun gift shop downstairs full of little knick knacks and chotchkies. It was fun to browse. We bought our first welcome mat (I was probably a little more geeked than I should have been) and also got to pretend to be Amish for a moment...

Do we make cute Amish folk?
Yeah, let's stick with the English dress, shall we?

Next we went mini golfing at Lost Treasure Golf Course. Apparently this place is legit. Like National Chain Legit. So we went and got to golf through fake caves and over a pirate ship. It was super cute and fun, even though I lost by 5...
The man attempting to hit the ball while on a cave *facepalm*
 On Sunday, we all went to the Hershey Factory to take a free tour! It was a fun ride through the process of the chocolate bean coming from other countries to the finished Hershey Product. We even got to participate in a taste test. We were brought to a back room, had to cleanse our palettes with saltine crackers and water, and answer questions about two samples of candy corn flavored kit kat bars. I felt very important (don't judge me!).

The Hershey Tour Ride...and it only cost $15 for this surprise housewarming picture...
Overall, the trip was a blast! It flew by WAY to quickly, and I was very bummed to leave the man. But at least this will be our last long good-bye until the wedding. Only 11 more days until we're hitched people!

Love and Blessings,

Annmarie Faye

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