Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I'm a Black Friday Crazy

You know how we spend Thanksgiving being thankful for all we have, and then some crazies go out the next day (or that same night) and barge through hoards to other crazies to get a good deal?

I'm one of those crazies.

I know how lame it is, but not only do you get some great deals, but it is kind of a high from the excitement of these late night/early morning extreme shopping events!

So here are the deals that I got and the low-down on each store.

Old Navy
The entire store was 50% off! Enough said.
I got this sweater in a lighter pink
My new cute sparkly polka dot cardigan
Red sweater dress that I died over!
You can never have too many comfy cardigans. 
I went in wearing a zip-up hoodie and tank top so that I could take the hoodie off and easily try on clothes without waiting for a dressing room. This girl don't play on Black Friday! You have to have a game plan :)

Brad also got a few pairs of jeans, socks, a sweatshirt and a long sleeve shirt. All for 50% off! We made out good at Old Navy.

It wasn't too crowded, but it took awhile to check out. They did let us in about 10 minutes before they were supposed to open, so that was kind. Although we did grab the wrong product and the cashier nicely pointed it out and helped us find the correct one on sale, so this store was very pleasant.

We now own more than one cooking knife! We got this J.A. Henkels International Everedge cutillary set, originally $245.00, for $40! And they work great! I sliced my finger yesterday while cooking with them...so they are sharp!
My new knives! Much better than using one lone chef's knife and steak knives for cooking.


Target is an intense store on Black Friday. It was well organize, but there are a ton of people! The crowds were crazy, the line to checkout took forever, there were two ambulances and cop cars parked outside (precautionary), and we ended up not buying anything there that was on sale! We browsed DVDs and BluRays, but nothing great jumped out at us. For what we were looking for, Target was not worth the trouble.

This store gets my top rating for Black Friday. Firstly, they opened at 7 AM ON BLACK FRIDAY. Secondly, pet owners tend to be nicer people, so the people in line were very friendly and were all over our dog (whom we brought along). And even in the store, people were polite and kind.
The first deal at PetSmart was the first 100 people received a stocking filled with over $100 worth of coupons and items. That was a little misleading, because a third of the coupons were for cats, a third for dogs, and a third for small pets. So we couldn't use most of them. But it was still nice. They also threw in dog treats and cat treats, which we traded with a couple who had cats, so between Brad and I, we ended up with four bags of dog treats free!
A Christmas dress i bought for Maisy! Don't judge me too hard...
A red sweater and Christmas bell collar for the season!
All of those items were 50% off. We also bought a few treats and other dog items we usually buy that were on sale.

Black Friday was a success for us. We bought a lot and saved a lot. And come on, scroll back up and drool over my cute dog in the red sweater ;)

Love and Blessings,

Annmarie Faye

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