Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Cliche New Year Post

I feel that I should write the obligatory end of the year post. It seems as though everyone is sharing their reflection of the past year and plan for the new year, and I have a hard time staying off of blogging bandwagons I suppose.

My thoughts are extremely scattered as I write this, so my post will be a random assortment of lists so that my nonsensical writing might be somewhat organized.

Top Ten of 2013
1. I got married to my best friend, soul mate, love of my life, other romantic cliche pet name, etc, etc.
Right after the ceremony
2. I moved two times. First from my college apartment in Kalamazoo, MI to live with my parents for part of the summer in Kentwood, MI, and finally to my current home in Ephrata, PA.

3. I transferred schools from Western Michigan University to Millersville University.

4. I went on an incredible honeymoon to Gatlinburg, TN where the man and I slept in a huge cabin, skinny dipped in our private hot tub, went ziplining through the mountains, ate fondue, fed stingrays, tried moonshine, got massages, and enjoyed being reunited after months of long distance separation.
Us after our chairlift ride to the top of a mountain. 
5. We adopted an adorable Yorkie-Jack Russel puppy from an Amish farm near us who has become our fur child/obsession. Hey, if this wards off baby fever for a few more years, I'd say it's a fairly healthy obsession.
I'm obsessed with this furry face!
6. I chopped off 11 inches of hair to donate to Children With Hair Loss.
That's a whole lot of hair missing from my head!
7. I traveled to Wisconsin with my parents and brother to stand up with my gorgeous cousin as she married the man of her dreams.

8. I learned how much I loved cooking. It's the perfect way for me to be creative and indulge my "people pleasing" ways in a healthy manner.
Mmmmm ribs!
9. I started this blog and have enjoyed getting my thoughts out into writing, sharing my life with friends and family back home, and even receiving a few free things.

10. To end this list on an even more cliche note, I realized how truly blessed I am to be going to school to get a degree in something I love, to have a husband who thinks I hung the moon and the stars (and to feel the exact same way about him), to have friends and family to love us, and to have God guiding us through this crazy journey of life.
My family
One more list to end this bad boy with:

5 Most Viewed  Blog Posts of 2013
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2. Modest Monday (Two Outfits!) (This was written before #1 for anyone who sees the contradiction haha)
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5. The Rockstar Jean

So there is my recap of 2013. Hope everyone has a safe and blessed New Year's Eve!

Love and Blessings,

Annmarie Faye

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